Guaranteed Sponsorship if selected

oOH Flex can manage and maintain all of your sponsorship and vendor relationships for your event or work in tandem with your current team. We are tied in with multiple sponsors and vendors who support lots of events from 300 people to over 20,000. We just need a few details answered below so we can create the best match for your event and them. Once you complete the form, we will review and contact you either way.

Additionally, we manage the entire sponsorship process at the event including delivering, setting up and maintain all the banners, tables and collateral from our advertiser. Plus, we bring our video interview team to capture great event videos and pictures at your event. We also cover the cost of the step and repeat banner with logos. Then we share all of the content with you. Our social media and video team are amazing and they are lots of fun on the red carpet throughout the event.


We have sponsors… lots of them!


Question Guide:
The number of people attending helps the sponsors to determine how popular your event is and the amount of exposure they will get.

The demographic breakdown will help match up the sponsor with the event. How many females, males, average age, interests etc.

Are there other sponsors? It may be a good sign that being a sponsor could be a good decision for them. Let us leverage those existing sponsors attendance. 

What type of sponsorship offerings are available? Share packages, cost and reach details so we can pitch on your behalf.

Is there an ROI on sponsorship?  Be creative and help the sponsors see ways to get a return on their investment. Water bottles, logo placements, press events. How creative can they be at your event? 

The list of attendees
Can they contact your list or can you email the list on their behalf. Sponsors want more than just a day engagement. Give them more to help secure their sponsorship for your event. Don’t have a mailing list?
(Build oneAFF LINK