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Leverage your connections and our marketing system for profit

We have the advertisers, the billboards,
a grounds team and we manage the billboard setup, removal 
and storage when the event ends

oOHFlex.Com only partners with independent sales reps, marketing agencies as well as promotional companies. 

Your Brand, Our Team

Ooh Flex is the silent partner and heavy lifter to multiple marketing companies, sign spinner agencies, and graphic designers. As an option,  your company can process the sales, billing and customer support of the advertiser, and our team will manage the marketing media buys, venues, festivals and concert outlets. We deliver the advertising banners, run the promotions and move the media from one location to the next on a daily basis.

Direct Sale Reps

Outside of our silent partnership program for agencies, we work with direct sales reps to help them close sales. We manage the billing and distribution of media. The independent and direct sales reps are only responsible for closing each sale. Each client is maintained by the sales rep who will receive residual income each month for each active client. 

Supporting the sale

Through conference calls and presentations, we are the silent partners that help to mange the sales process so you can close more sales. Our sales and support staff are available to assist your team all while you maintain your brand. Your client will only know you and we are happy to keep it that way.

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