About Us

Flexible Out of Home Marketing Team

Out Of Home Flex Media Services – “Your Outdoor Voice Indoor”

oohFlex.com is a media and marketing company that is focused on flexible event media marketing. We are the unknown team behind the marketing and advertising agencies that represent small and large brands. We have the entire street team to do all of the heavy lifting to promote a company. Getting your brand in front of thousands of people per month who attend concerts, sporting events, film festivals and even community activities is our top priority. Moving your marketing media is about flexibility and not stagnation. 

Once your billboard, bus stop ad or promo is seen, it needs to be seen again and again and yes, again! We keep your marketing moving around the zipcode(s) to assure that your brand appears everywhere!

Our street team is available for interaction throughout each event to provide free give-a-ways, help with fundraisers and collect attendee information for future marketing. We can have our team distribute your flyers and coupons which makes it easy to measure the advertising reach and effectiveness. 

Gene Culver, CMO

Our market planning team is amazing at coming up with unique ways to promote your brand at live events. We work in tandem with bicycle teams with eye-catching advertising to pool parties that feature giant slices of pizza floats. We are looking to make sure your brand leaves an impression with memorable results that lead to sales.